0915: Introduction and welcome – Kristian Beckers

0930: Keynote – Robert Biddle (Title: Frontiers of Usable Security: New Challenges and New Models) – Session Chair: Kristian Beckers

1030: Coffee

1100: Paper Session 1: Security Requirements – Session Chair: Seok-Won Lee

  • A Survey about User Requirements for Biometric Authentication on Smartphones (slides)
  • Inclusion of Security Requirements in SLA Lifecycle Management for Cloud Computing (slides)
  • Instantiating a Model for Structuring and Reusing Security Requirements Sources

1200: Discussion on Human Computer Interaction and Security Requirements Engineering – Session Chair: Robert Biddle

1230: Lunch

1400: Paper Session 2:  Modelling Cloud Security – Session Chair: Kristian Beckers

  • Patterns for security and privacy in cloud ecosystems (slides)
  • Modelling Secure Cloud Systems Based on System Requirements (slides)

1440: Lightning Talks

  • Paolo Giorgini:  STS-Tool: Security Requirements Engineering for Socio-Technical Systems
  • Tong Li: A Holistic Security Attack Analysis Framework
  • Nedaa Zirjawi: Iris recognition in smartphone
  • Mahmood Hosseini: Transparency, the requirement of the 21st century
  • Nancy Mead: MORE tool demo
  • Shamal Faily: Designing security through personas
  • David Callele: Multi-factor authentication for unmotivated users
  • Kristian Beckers: Pattern and Security Requirements – Engineering-Based Establishment of Security Standards

1530: Coffee

1600: Invited Talk – Fabio Massacci – (Title: The Role of Catalogues of Threats and Security Controls in Security Risk Assessment: An Empirical Study with ATM Professionals) – Session Chair: Nancy Mead

1700: Collaboration Session

1730: Closing remarks

We have Pictures from the ESPRE2015 Event available.