Accepted Papers
Pre Written Essays

The following papers have been accepted.

* A Survey about User Requirements for Biometric Authentication on Smartphones
Nedaa Zirjawi, Zijad Kurtanovic and Walid Maalej

* Inclusion of Security Requirements in SLA Lifecycle Management for Cloud Computing
Marco Rojas, Nelson Mimura Gonzalez, Fernando Sbampato, Fernando Redigolo, Tereza Cristina Carvalho, Kim Nguyen and Mohamed Cheriet

* Patterns for security and privacy in cloud ecosystems
Eduardo B. Fernandez, Nobukazu Yoshioka and Hironori Washizaki

* Modelling Secure Cloud Systems Based on System Requirements
Shaun Shei, Aidan Delaney, Haralambos Mouratidis, Luis Marquez, David Rosado and Eduardo Fernndez-Medina

* Instantiating a Model for Structuring and Reusing Security Requirements Sources
Christian Schmitt and Peter Liggesmeyer